Clean Ocean Tote Bag
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Clean Ocean Tote Bag

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The Clean Ocean Bag was created as a way to encourage others to become aware of the damage and problems that comes from plastic being in our oceans. Each bag is made with approximately 50 to 80 grocery bags. Every year 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in our ocean. This is equivilant to filling up five (5) of these grocery bags with plastic waste for every foot of coastline in the world. Plastic has become a huge issue in the oceans as most bags resemble a floating jellyfish to turtles and other marine life. The plastic that gets broken down into tiny plankton sized particles and outnumber plankton six to one. The small pieces then collect toxins and other harmful chemicals that then pose a threat to marine life when ingested. Many states in the U.S. are looking to ban plastic bags. This is an important step in eliminating part of the problem as the number of plastic bags used annually is approximately 5 trillion. 


Each Clean Ocean Bag is hand crocheted using plastic grocery bags. These reusable bags can last 5 or more years depending on the care and use of your bag. It is also water proof material that makes a great bag for carrying groceries, beah trips, or for use as an every day purse. Simple to clean as all you have to do is rinse the bag and dry it with a towel.

Approximately 18 inch x 10 inch
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